Stories make for successful business award entries. Why you started your business,  the obstacles you’ve encountered, where you found inspiration, the initiatives you’ve introduced, your future plans, your wins and your failures: these are all story-worthy. And for that reason, they make excellent content for award submissions.


Countless businesses and businesspeople have amazing stories to tell yet don’t share them by entering business awards. There’s a perception that to be a winner, your business award entry has to describe something extraordinary. We often think that winners are those who have overcome immense adversity. Or developed an truly innovative product or service. This is not true. Your story may seem pretty ordinary to you but when it’s well-written, it can become a fascinating tale of perseverance, resilience, tenacity and hope. Or, very often, your story becomes a guide for other business owners wanting to know how liked-minded business people such as you market their businesses, build a team, attract customers, cut their costs or implement technology.


The secret to successful business awards is to be authentic. Tell your story honestly. Authenticity always shine through. Stories of passion, determination and resilience make interesting reading and capture the judges’ attention. But so do stories of planning, strategy and implementation – all the day-to-day essential business activities.


Don’t overlook the story behind your business. It could be reason for success the next time you enter a business award.


If you’d like to enter business awards but don’t have time to write your story, please let us know. We’ll be happy to write it for you. We’ve got an extraordinary track record of turning business stories into winning business award entries.

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